New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!

◆ Gokokuji Meet Top YouTubers Gaitomo Home Party

2017 Sep 30(Sat)2pm~

※If you get lost, please call me at 080-5450-2880.



Time 2pm~5pm(Reception from 1:50pm)
Address 4-45-9, Otuska, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Reception desk Please come to Gaitomo reception desk.



【Access】6 mins walk from Gokokuji Station or Shin-Otsuka Station

【Google Map】


【Price】No cancellation fee
 Food & Drink cash bar

 Japanese male:2,500yen (+ tax)
 Japanese female:1,500yen (+ tax)
 Foreigners (male/female):1,500yen (+ tax)

※Everyone needs reservation
※Foreigners need to show something to prove that you are foreigner to receptionist

We will check ID for legal drinking age at the door.
Please bring some ID with you. (foreign registration or residence card)


Brings you an opportunity to meet and talk with popular international YouTubers.

Their YouTube videos are widely popular among international visitors to Japan and foreign residents in Japan. “Uniqueness of Japan“, “Tips of life in Japan”, etc... You can tell the YouTubers about your recommendations so that they may be interested to take your ideas for their next filming.

Their possible interests are; storage ideas and techniques in Japanese housing, popular topics at drinking parties, things typical of Japanese schools, etc. Trivial things they may seem, but your usual topics or daily incidents, childhood memories may be of interest to the YouTubers.

It may be your chance to practice your Japanese, too. Meet one of the most popular female YouTubers: Being female foreign residents/visitors in Japan, they have their own unique perspectives about Japan.

You’ll also be interested to know their video shooting/editing techniques, which often reflect their gender.

To meet new international friends, to brush up foreign language skills, and for those who want to communicate with people from different cultures.

The YouTubers participating in the party can speak Japanese. Like other international parties organized by Gaitomo, please do not hesitate at all even if you don’t speak English well.



Food & Drink

Food : Lite Buffet
(All you can eat until everything is gone)

Drink : Cash Bar
(buy your own drinks)

Party data

【Dress code】
Any style OK. We dont have a dress code

【Age group】
No age limit at 18 years of age or more

•Standing free-style
•Non-smoking event
•Cloak not available
•Cannot remain after party end-time

(Not allowed : solicitation and sale of goods)

In addition, There is also the possibility of changing foreigner Youtuber in the picture.