Gaitomo is new style of international party events!


TOKYO Roppongi

2017 Apr 30(Sun)6pm~
TOKYO Roppongi

★New Semester Campaign★This is Gaitomo original International party in Roppongi. All you can drink. A new venue.


TOKYO Shibuya

2017 May 3(Wed)6pm~
TOKYO Shibuya

This is Mix International party with Japanese party circle at KITSUNE in Shibuya. This is SPECIAL "Golden Week" PARTY. Let's enjoy the party with game!


TOKYO Shibuya

2017 May 4(Wed)3pm~
TOKYO Shibuya

Golden Week Special Let's Play Party!! We will play「Musical Chairs」. Easy to make Japanese friends!

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Welcome to Gaitomo!

Gaitomo is new style of international party events! Party goers are made up of foreigners who speak some Japanese and Japanese who can't speak much English.

Won't you come and join us for great fun speaking to others in our Gaitomo parties? Why not come and spend a special night with us ! Meet Japanese ladies , guys and foreigners from all over the world! Whether it's making new friends or relationships, language practice, or just party lovers, we welcome you!



We are looking for part-timer staff who can work only weekend. If you are interested in this, Please send message via contact form.
Japan News TV program tv asahi featured a special coverage of Gaitomo in an interview by Ritsu. Please watch it on 13th April at 0:15am.
We decided Halloween party schedule in 2015. Lets disguise ourselves together!!
The party of 12/2 was canceled.
Refuse : Solicitation and participation of various prohibited for sale. Please contact Gaitomo if you receive invitation.

Up date!

New!【Tokyo】Jun 10(Sat)★Hiroo
New!【Tokyo】May 20(Sat)★Hiroo
New!【Tokyo】Jun 24(Sat)★Kamiyacho
New!【Tokyo】May 27(Sat)★Kamiyacho
New!【Tokyo】Jun 16(Fri)◆Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】Jun 3(Sat)★Shibuya
New!【Tokyo】Jun 30(Fri)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】Jun 28(Wed)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Jun 25(Sun)★Jiyuugaoka
New!【Tokyo】Jun 22(Thu)★Harajuku
New!【Tokyo】Jun 18(Sun)★Shibuya
New!【Osaka】Jul 22(Sat)◆Doujima
New!【Osaka】Jun 17(Sat)◆Doujima
stop【Tokyo】Apr 16(Sun)★Shibuya
New!【Tokyo】Apr 30(Sun)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Apr 29(Sat)★Hamamatsucho
New!【Tokyo】Apr 28(Fri)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Apr 26(Wed)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Apr 23(Sun)★Jiyuugaoka
New!【Tokyo】Apr 22(Sat)★Kamiyacho
New!【Tokyo】Apr 21(Fri)★Daikanyama
New!【Tokyo】Apr 20(Thu)★Harajuku
New!【Tokyo】Apr 18(Tue)◆Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】Apr 14(Fri)★Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】Apr 15(Sat)★Hiroo
New!【Tokyo】Jun 14(Wed)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Jun 11(Sun)★Aoyama
New!【Tokyo】Jun 9(Fri)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Jun 8(Thu)★Meijijingumae
New!【Tokyo】Jun 20(Tue)◆Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】Jun 6(Tue)◆Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】Jun 4(Sun)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】Jun 3(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Jun 2(Fri)★Daikanyama
New!【Tokyo】Apr 8(Sat)★Kamiyacho
New!【Tokyo】May 26(Fri)★Aoyama-Itchome
New!【Tokyo】May 12(Fri)◆Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】May 3(Wed)◆Shibuya
New!【Tokyo】May 5(Fri)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】Mar 31(Fri)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】May 13(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】May 25(Thu)★Harajuku
New!【Tokyo】May 28(Sun)★Jiyuugaoka
New!【Tokyo】Mar 26(Sun)★Jiyuugaoka
New!【Tokyo】May 21(Sun)★Shibuya
New!【Tokyo】Mar 20(Mon)★Shibuya
New!【Osaka】May 20(Sat)◆Doujima
New!【Tokyo】Mar 18(Sat)★Hiroo
New!【Tokyo】May 19(Fri)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】May 17(Wed)★Ebisu
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Stamp card

Stamp card

Collect stamps from our parties just by attending!! Get 5 and you get in the next party free!! Rainy days, student ID holders get double points! 2x normal! And old point cards can also be used! Just ask us!
Trading, exchange, selling or buying of Gaitomo point cards without prior permission from Gaitomo management, for the purpose of personal gain or profit is strictly prohibited.