New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!


TOKYO Nakameguro

2019 Nov 14(Thu)7pm~

❤Discount day for ladies❤Pizza party on Thursday! Nice area, Great venue & yummy Pizza. Relaxedly & comfortably party.


TOKYO Roppongi

2019 Nov 15(Fri)7pm~

Singles Only at Seven Tokyo. Middle of Roppongi. Very fun time! Nice people and Cute girls!



2019 Nov 16(Sat)7pm~

If you wish to meet nice person that become your girlfriend/boyfriend in future, Let's join this party!

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Welcome to New Gaitomo!

New Gaitomo is new style of international party events! Party goers are made up of foreigners who speak some Japanese and Japanese who can't speak much English.

Won't you come and join us for great fun speaking to others in our New Gaitomo parties? Why not come and spend a special night with us ! Meet Japanese ladies , guys and foreigners from all over the world! Whether it's making new friends or relationships, language practice, or just party lovers, we welcome you!


☆New Plan☆ Students or under 26 Years Old only Party will be held from November 9th.
☆New Plan☆ Ladies Night Party will be held from November 8th. It is a discount plan for women.
The venue had changed on 2nd Nov. Tokyo Sports Bar to TK Lounge.
Unfortunately, due to a typhoon, we had to cancel event of 12th October in Roppongi.
Unfortunately, due to a typhoon, we had to cancel event of 12th October in Ebis.


Up date!

New!【Tokyo】Nov 21(Thu)★Akasaka
New!【Tokyo】Nov 20(Wed)★Akasaka
New!【Tokyo】Nov 12(Tue)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Dec 29(Sun)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Dec 22(Sun)★Aoyama
New!【Osaka】 Dec 20(Fri)★Shinsaibashi
New!【Tokyo】Dec 19(Thu)★Akasaka
New!【Tokyo】Dec 18(Wed)★Meijijingumae
New!【Tokyo】Dec 15(Sun)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Dec 15(Sun)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Nov 30(Sat)★Okachimachi
New!【Tokyo】Dec 14(Sat)★Okachimachi
New!【Tokyo】Dec 14(Sat)★Akasaka
New!【Tokyo】Nov 9(Sat)★Akasaka
New!【Tokyo】Dec 13(Fri)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Dec 12(Thu)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Dec 11(Wed)★Nakameguro
New!【Tokyo】Nov 14(Thu)★Nakameguro
New!【Tokyo】Dec 8(Sun)★Tamachi
New!【Tokyo】Dec 4(Wed)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Nov 16(Sat)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Dec 3(Tue)★Roppongi
New!【Osaka】 Dec 7(Sat)★Shinsaibashi
New!【Tokyo】Nov 2(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Oct 31(Thu)★Meijijingumae
New!【Tokyo】Dec 1(Sun)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】Nov 27(Wed)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Nov 30(Sat)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Oct 12(Sat)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Oct 12(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Nov 23(Sat)★Tamachi
New!【Tokyo】Nov 22(Fri)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Nov 8(Fri)★Daikanyama
New!【Tokyo】Nov 29(Fri)★Meijijingumae
New!【Tokyo】Oct 3(Thu)★Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】Oct 18(Fri)★Roppongi
New!【Osaka】 Nov 2(Sat)★Shinsaibashi
New!【Tokyo】 Nov 28(Thu)★Shinjukugyoen
New!【Tokyo】Nov 24(Sun)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Nov 17(Sun)★Aoyama
New!【Tokyo】Nov 15(Fri)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Nov 10(Sun)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Nov 6(Wed)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Nov 4(Mon. Pub holiday)★Akasakamitsuke
New!【Tokyo】Nov 3(Sun)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】Nov 1(Fri)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Oct 11(Fri)★Okachimachi
New!【Tokyo】Oct 5(Sat)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Oct 4(Fri)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Oct 27(Sun)★Roppongi
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