New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!

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Welcome to New Gaitomo!

New Gaitomo is new style of international party events! Party goers are made up of foreigners who speak some Japanese and Japanese who can't speak much English.

Won't you come and join us for great fun speaking to others in our New Gaitomo parties? Why not come and spend a special night with us ! Meet Japanese ladies , guys and foreigners from all over the world! Whether it's making new friends or relationships, language practice, or just party lovers, we welcome you!


Following the announcement of the state of emergency, only soft drinks will be offered for the time being from April 25 (Sun). Thank you for your understanding.
【COVID-19 infection prevention measures】
We are promoting the following measures to prevent COVID-19 infection.

〇 Measure body temperature and use hand sanitizer at reception
〇 Wear mask
  Please wear a mask when you participate.
〇 Disinfection and ventilation in the venue
〇 Food
  Instead of serving foods on a platter, we offer individual packaging snacks.
〇 Number of participants
 The maximum number of participants get limited.
  If the number exceeds, we will restrict admission.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.