Gaitomo is new style of international party events!



2019 Feb 20(Wed)7pm~

At dot Grill in Ebisu. 80 people are coming. On Wednesday party. Nice location and good people.


TOKYO Roppongi

2019 Feb 22(Fri)7pm~
TOKYO Roppongi

At Australian bar in Roppongi. Nice venue, Great people and Good location. Let's enjoy toast!



2019 Feb 23(Sat)7pm~

If you wish to meet nice person that become your girlfriend/boyfriend in future, Let's join this party!

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Welcome to Gaitomo!

Gaitomo is new style of international party events! Party goers are made up of foreigners who speak some Japanese and Japanese who can't speak much English.

Won't you come and join us for great fun speaking to others in our Gaitomo parties? Why not come and spend a special night with us ! Meet Japanese ladies , guys and foreigners from all over the world! Whether it's making new friends or relationships, language practice, or just party lovers, we welcome you!



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Please note that the entry price for Japanese males has changed from January 2019. Thank you.
We changed URL of event report because Google+ service will finish. We will write on Livedoor blog from now on. We hope that you read it.
No bags/coats on seats. Please cloak available. If your baggage is in the way, we will cloak it and charge you a cloak-fee upon pick-up. Thank you for your understanding.

Up date!

New!【Tokyo】Apr 20(Sat)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Apr 12(Fri)★Akihabara
New!【Tokyo】Apr 9(Tue)◆Omotesando
New!【Tokyo】Mar 12(Tue)◆Omotesando
New!【Osaka】Mar 16(Sat)◆Doujima
New!【Tokyo】Apr 28(Sun)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】May 23(Thu)★Shinjukugyoen
New!【Tokyo】Apr 25(Thu)★Shinjukugyoen
New!【Tokyo】Apr 21(Sun)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】Feb 24(Sun)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】May 17(Fri)★Daikanyama
New!【Tokyo】Apr 19(Fri)★Daikanyama
New!【Tokyo】Apr 17(Wed)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Apr 11(Thu)★Nihonbashi
New!【Tokyo】May 5(Sun)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Apr 7(Sun)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Apr 3(Wed)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Mar 1(Fri)★Akihabara
New!【Tokyo】Mar 23(Sat)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Mar 30(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Apr 29(Mon. Pub holiday)★Akasakamitsuke
New!【Tokyo】Apr 14(Sun)★Aoyama
New!【Tokyo】Apr 6(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Osaka】Apr 6(Sat)★Shinsaibashi
New!【Tokyo】Apr 5(Fri)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Mar 31(Sun)★Azabujuban
New!【Tokyo】Mar 29(Fri)★Daikanyama
New!【Tokyo】Mar 28(Thu)★Shinjukugyoen
New!【Tokyo】Mar 24(Sun)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Mar 22(Fri)★Harajuku
New!【Tokyo】Mar 21(Thu. Pub holiday)★Akasakamitsuke
New!【Tokyo】Mar 20(Wed)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Mar 17(Sun)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Mar 16(Sat)★Nishiazabu
New!【Tokyo】Mar 15(Fri)★Daikanyama
New!【Tokyo】Mar 14(Thu)★Nihonbashi
New!【Tokyo】Mar 10(Sun)★Aoyama
New!【Tokyo】Mar 9(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Mar 8(Fri)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Mar 6(Wed)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Mar 2(Sat)★Roppongi
New!【Osaka】Mar 2(Sat)★Shinsaibashi
New!【Tokyo】Feb 28(Thu)★Shinjukugyoen
New!【Tokyo】Feb 23(Sat)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Feb 22(Fri)★Roppongi
New!【Tokyo】Feb 20(Wed)★Ebisu
New!【Tokyo】Feb 17(Sun)★Ginza
New!【Tokyo】Feb 16(Sat)★Nishiazabu
New!【Osaka】Feb 16(Sat)◆Doujima
New!【Tokyo】Feb 15(Fri)★Harajuku
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