Gaitomo is new style of international party events!

Party Schedule of Kansai Area

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  • すべてのパーティ/AllParties
  • 関西エリアパーティ/Kansai Area Party
  • ノンアルコールパーティー/Non-Alcohol Party
  • コラボレーションパーティー/Mix Party
  • シングルズ限定パーティ/Singles Only Party
  • 平日開催パーティ/Weekday Party
  • 恋人探し限定パーティ/Partner Seeking Only Party
  • コンテンツ有りパーティ/Special Event Party
August 2019
Under a receptionist 【Osaka】 3.(Sat) ★Osaka Shinsaibashi Gaitomo Original International Party
September 2019
Under a receptionist 【Osaka】 7.(Sat) ★Osaka Shinsaibashi Gaitomo Original International Party

Party List

  • …Over 30's
  • …Singles
  • …Non-alcohol
  • …Yukata
  • …BBQ
  • …Beach
  • …Sport watching
  • …Christmas
  • …Halloween
  • …New year's
  • …Weekday
  • …Cash on
  • …All you can drink
  • …Shipboard
  • …Partner Seeking
  • …Special Event
  • …English Only
  • …Let's Play
  • …KansaiArea
  • …MixParty

Party of the others

  • TV出演
  • 外国人としゃべりたい!(I would like to become bilingual!)Podcast
  • Asutomo アストモパーティー
  • mixiコミュニティ

Stamp card

Stamp card

Collect stamps from our parties just by attending!! Get 5 and you get in the next party free!! Rainy days, student ID holders get double points! 2x normal! And old point cards can also be used! Just ask us!
Trading, exchange, selling or buying of Gaitomo point cards without prior permission from Gaitomo management, for the purpose of personal gain or profit is strictly prohibited.