New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!

★ Azabujuban Wristband Plan Gaitomo Original International Party

2019 Feb 24(Sun)6pm~

※If you get lost, please call me at 080-5450-2880.


Gaitomo Original 80 people

Time 6pm~8:30pm (L/O 8pm)
Address Unimat Azabujuban bldg 7F, 1-9-2 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Reception desk Reception desk is 7th floor



【Access】1 minute walk from exit No.7 of Azabujuban Station

【Google Map】


【Price】No cancellation fee, Only cash payment
 Lite buffet & All you can drink

 Non-Japanese :2,500yen
 Japanese Man:5,000yen
 Japanese Woman : 2,500yen

※Only Japanese = No Reservation/+500yen from above
※Foreigners need to prove that you are a foreigner to the receptionist

We will check ID for legal drinking age at the door. (Japan drinking age is 20)
Please bring some ID with you. (foreign registration or residence card)

Special Event
A specialized wristband will be given out at the entrance!
Everybody's hope and desire will be apparent, allowing you to meet someone with the same intention!
Everyone will choose a wristband!

The colors are:-

PINK :interested in making a boyfriend/ girlfriend ; even slightly interested

YELLOW : hoping to make friends: male / female friends, looking to make a foreign friend

GREEN : interested in speaking in a foreign language and / or interested in studying abroad

a movie of past events in this same venue


It is the most popular international party thrown by Gaitomo!

A specialized wristband will be given out at the entrance!
Everybody's hope and desire will be apparent, allowing you to meet someone with the same intention!

Join us on this 7th floor lounge and enjoy the beautiful decor! All you can drink event with plenty of people in attendance!

The venue opens the door with the trunk on the 7th floor of the building as a motif. The interior that looks like a world trip around various countries is wonderful ☆ The chandelier spreading from the ceiling is glamorous.

It is a very fashionable venue that you can see the night view of Tokyo, such as Tokyo Tower and Roppongi because of the glass ceiling!

This party is to encounter foreigners, partner search, foreign language study, cross-cultural exchange, and people who are seeking new encounters/party lovers.
Foreigners who come to Gaitomo Events know that Japanese who can't speak English will come, so you can participate with peace of mind.

In our parties a lot of ladies come early or on time so to get the most out of the event, we recommend you get there at the beginning of our parties. You will be able to meet a lot of people and eat some delicious food while it is not too crowded! Sometimes the ladies arrive but don't come in or leave early after half an hour to an hour if there are not many foreigners. They look forward to meeting with many foreigners. So let's arrive for the start of the event and enjoy it to the utmost!

(Participants have a variety of English levels. Not all Participants can speak fluent English.)

◆ ◇ ◆ 【Benefits of all you can drink】 ◆ ◇ ◆
After passing reception, you will be free to drink. For those who want to drink a lot, people who want to start after the party, those who are playing in this way, those who do not get drunk even if you drink alcohol, etc. If you are unsatisfactory, why not have more? Please come.
The cup is large size, and the staff is familiar with the drinks so that the bars do not line up as much as possible. All you can drink menu is abundantly available. You can see the menu from here. ( All you can drink drink menu.pdf (Drink menu) )


I came to this event with my friends because we were all from different states. We got to meet other people that loved visiting places around the world and we got ideas of where to plan our next trip! The drinks were simple, but very nicely prepared and the food that was served had enough for everyone to get multiple servings. Me and my girls had a lot of fun.Ashley / 30s / 女性

I was recommended to go to this party from a friend, so I went. I actually had a really enjoyable night. I met some really awesome people, ate some good food, and had a bunch of drinks! And the staff was super friendly. Jason / 20s / 男性



Food & Drink

Food : Buffet
(All you can eat until everything is gone)

Drink : All you can drink

Party data

【Dress code】
Any style OK. We dont have a dress code

【Age group】
Mainly 20s and 30s
Around 80 people are coming

•Standing free-style party (limited / no seats)
•Non smoking event
•Entry and re-entry is possible during the party times
•You are not able to stay at the venue after the party has ended
•Cloak available (fee)

◆No bags/coats on seats. Please cloak available.
If your baggage is in the way, we will cloak it and charge you a cloak-fee upon pick-up.
Thank you for your understanding.

※Please understand that there is a possibility the details and flow of the party may change on the day depending on the number of attendees.

(Not allowed : solicitation and sale of goods)

Acts that are excessive or inappropriate, such as kissing or unrestrained touching are prohibited at all Gaitomo events.
In addition, we do not allow any of our attendees to engage in solicitation activities for Religious, Commercial, other event companies or further outside groups, are all strictly prohibited from participating and will be sent out as soon as they are found.
If you have been reported due to infringing on these rules, you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return to another Gaitomo event.
Gaitomo aims to provide a safe and inclusive platform in which our attendees are free to enjoy themselves. We hope that all our attendees feel the same and will follow these rules to ensure the comfort of all our guests.