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◆ Ebisu COUNT DOWN SPECIAL Gaitomo Mix International Party

2019 Dec 31 (Tue)10:30pm~

Count Down@Ebisu
※If you get lost, please call me at 080-5450-2880.

Count Down@Ebisu 

Gaitomo Mix 200 people

Time 10:30pm~1am
Address 1-8-14 Ebisu, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Reception desk Reception desk is B1 floor



【Access】0min from Ebisu Station

【Google Map】


【Price】No cancellation fee, Only cash payment

 Man:4,500yen/include 2Drink tickets
 Woman : 2,000yen/include 2Drink tickets

※You can't get or use Gaitomo's stamp.
※Cash on from the third drink

We will check ID for legal drinking age at the door. (Japan drinking age is 20)
Please bring some ID with you. (foreign registration or residence card)

You must tell a receptionist that I was introduced by Gaitomo.
There is several receptions because of collaboration party.
You must come to "Gaitomo" reception.
※If there is no one who introduced you to this party, we ask you 6,000yen for men, 3,000yen for women.
※You can't enter because of many requests of reservations.


The venue, Aoyuzu Ebisu, has Aqua floor where you can see mysterious light blue aquarium and experience extraordinary space in the center of Tokyo.
Come enjoy 2020 Countdown event with us!!

Its a good opportunity to make new friends and find your language exchange partners or even find your girlfriends/boyfriends. Good chance to increase your network of friends and contacts. Come alone or bring your friends. Everybody is WELCOME! Just come and be ready to make new friends with everybody.

(Participants have a variety of English levels. Not all Participants can speak fluent English.)

■■■■《We ask you not to enter if you are applied below》■■■■
The one who are married, engage in real estate investment, every kinds of seminar, MLM and organizers can't join this event. And we will offer you a good chance for looking for Love. So we will ask you not to exchange numbers with same sex.
※If you can't follow the rule, even though you entered already, we will ask you to leave the venue. And if it's very malicious, we will offer you any legal action.

■■■■《Dress Code》■■■■
〈For Men〉
Please join the event in formal wear like tailored jacket, collared shirts.

【You can wear in the venue】
・Polo shirt
※If your clothes are not suitable for this event, we will ask you not to enter the venue.

※Outfits you can't enter in
・Denim shirt
・Flannel shirt
・T-shirt only
・Half pants
・Beach Sandals
・Casual Cap (like baseball cap)
※If you want to wear casual pants, please wear tailored jacket.

〈For women〉
Please join our event in a stylish coordinate which includes casual fashions.



Food & Drink

You can order one drink with one ticket
Cash on from the third drink

Party data

【Dress code】
〈For Men〉
Tailored jacket, collared shirts, you can join in stylish clothes.

〈For Women〉
Dress style which is stylish and beautiful.

※We ask you not to enter if clothes are not suitable for this party. If you can't join the party because of that we will ask you to pay for the entrance.

【Age group】
There is no limit if you are over 20 years old.
Mainly 20s and 30s
Around 200 people are coming

•You cant get or use Gaitomo's stamp
•Standing free-style party (limited / no seats)
•You can't smoke in the venue
•Cannot remain after party end-time
•Cloak available (fee)
※We can't keep your wallet, mobile phone or other valuables.

※Please understand that there is a possibility the details and flow of the party may change on the day depending on the number of attendees.

(Not allowed : solicitation and sale of goods)