New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!

★ Nanba No Name Cafe Gaitomo Original International Party

2014 Oct 11 (Sat) 8pm~

※If you get lost, please call me at 080-5450-2880.

OSAKA Nanba 

Gaitomo Original 120 people

Time 8pm~11pm
Address 2F 3-7-23, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Reception desk Reception desk is 2nd floor



【Access】1 min from exit 11 Osaka-Nanba Station

【Google Map】


【Price】No cancellation fee, Only cash payment
 Free 1 dish plate & Drink cash bar

 Japanese Man:2,000yen
 Japanese Woman : 1,500yen

※Only Japanese = No Reservation/+500yen from above
※Foreigners need to show something to prove that you are foreigner to receptionist

We will check ID for legal drinking age at the door.
Please bring some ID with you. (foreign registration or residence card)


This is Gaitomo original International party which is very popular. Feel the international atmosphere.
Gaitomo party is talking main party in a stylish venue. Not loud music, Not like a club, Lets enjoy the Gaitomo party different from others.

The venue is No Name Cafe which is wide cafe dinning. You can absolutely enjoy it!!
Around 120 people are expected to attend this party. Many Japanese and Non-Japanese will be participating.

Its a good opportunity to make new friends and find your language exchange partners or even find your girlfriends/boyfriends. Good chance to increase your network of friends and contacts. Come alone or bring your friends. Everybody is WELCOME! Just come and be ready to make new friends with everybody.

(Participants have a variety of English levels. Not all Participants can speak fluent English.)



Food & Drink

Food : 1 dish plate per 1 person
(You can order extra food If you want)

Drink : Cash Bar
(personal alcohol prohibited)

Party data

【Dress code】
Any style OK. We dont have a dress code

【Age group】
Mainly 20s and 30s
Around 150 people are coming

Freestyle / Standing-style
Separation of smoking areas
Accepted way entrance and exit
Luggage available

(Not allowed : solicitation and sale of goods)

In our parties a lot of ladies come early or on time so we recommend you also get there for the start of our parties so you can meet the most people and get the best value and some good food while it is not crowded! Also sometimes the ladies arrive but don't come in, or leave early after half an hour or an hour if there are not many foreigners . So let's arrive for the start of the event and enjoy it to the utmost!