New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!

◆ Shibaura Q'on Happy Halloween International Party

2012 Oct 27 (Sat) 7pm~

TOKYO Shibaura
※If you get lost, please call me at 080-5450-2880.

TOKYO Shibaura 

Gaitomo Mix 500 people

Time 7pm~9:30pm(L/O 9pm)
Address Bark Shibaura 14F, 3-26-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Reception desk Reception desk is 14th floor



【Access】5min from Exit No.1 Shibaura-futo Station Yurikamome line

【Google Map】


【Price】No cancellation fee, Only cash payment

Non-Japanese : 2,000yen
Japanese Man : 5,500yen
Japanese Woman : 3,500yen(More than 2people 3,000yen, More than 4people 2,500yen)

※Only Japanese=No Reservation/+500yen from above.
※Foreigners need to show something to prove that you are foreigner to receptionist.


Trick or Treat!! Gaitomo the second Halloween party is held at Shibaura.
Let's enjoy Halloween International Party to look the best location the Rainbow Bridge and TOKYO SKYTREE night view from this venue.
Also we prepared deluxe buffet which chef specially made.

Over 600 people are expected to attend the party. Many Japanese and Non-Japanese will be participating. Must be fun!!!

It's a good opportunity to make new friends and find your language exchange partners or even find your girlfriends/boyfriends. Good chance to increase your network of friends and contacts.

Come alone or bring your friends. Everybody is WELCOME! Just come and be ready to make new friends with everybody.



Food & Drink

Food :Deluxe buffet

Drink : All you can drink

Party data

【Dress code】
Please attach a mask or one point disguise (Not absolutely necessary)

【Age group】
Mainly 20's and 30's, around 600 people

Freestyle / Standing-style
Separation of smoking areas
Accepted way entrance and exit
Luggage available
Stamp : We will give you 1stamp this time. 2stamps when rain.

(Refuse : Solicitation and participation of various prohibited for sale)