New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!

◆ Azabujuban Happy Halloween International Party

2012 Oct 27 (Sat) 2pm~

TOKYO Azabujuban
※If you get lost, please call me at 080-5450-2880.

TOKYO Azabujuban 

Gaitomo Big Halloween Mix 500 people

Time (Door open 1:30pm)2pm~6pm(L/O 5:30pm)
Place Azabujuban WAREHOUSE702
Address B1 Fukao Building, 1-4-5 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Reception desk Reception desk is B1 floor



【Access】3sec from exit No.7, Azabujuban Station /Toei oedo Line or Nanboku Line

【Google Map】


【Price】No cancellation fee, Only cash payment

Price : 2,500yen(with 1drink)

※If you have costume or one point disguise, you can get 500yen discount!
※Only Japanese=No Reservation/+500yen from above
※Foreigners need to show something to prove that you are foreigner to receptionist.
(Reservation not nessesally if you are non-Japanese but recommended for food)

*Please come to Gaitomo entrance.
A price different from other entrance, please be careful.


Trick or Treat!! The Biggest Halloween Special International Party is held at Azabujuban.
The party must highly satisfying one within a year. We are preparing some special event in this event!
Of course, we will let you decide the No.1 dressed Halloweenist from the person who will attend a costume contest. Just entry and get a special gift♪

      Contents schedule

1:30pm~ Door Open
2:00pm~ Bar Open

2:30pm~ Costume Contest♪
 You can entry the costume contest as
 a Halloweenist with your friend
 (If you want, you can entry alone)
 Let's get a special gift!!
 (Only 15 groups can entry to the contest)

4:30pm~ Performance show



Food & Drink

Food :There are finger foods.

Drink : ALL 500yen after 1st free drink

Party data

【Dress code】
We don't have a dress code.

【Age group】
Mainly 20's and 30's, around 500 people

Freestyle / Standing-style
Separation of smoking areas
Accepted way entrance and exit
Luggage available
Stamp : We will give you 1stamp this time. 2stamps when rain.

(Refuse : Solicitation and participation of various prohibited for sale)