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Thanks to all our regular customers! Bookings can be made according to the party conditions on the home page.

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Terms of Use

We are always coming up with new party ideas to satisfy as many people as possible. Please let us know your ideas , requests an opinions! We'll do our best to accommodate you!

Bookings, cancellations and payments:

We accept bookings up to 2 hours before the party begins , but may close it if full. Pay at the party in cash only. No cancellation fees are charged.
To contact us for additional bookings or cancellation, just reply to E-mail of reservation confirmation.

Booking Terms and conditions:

When booking for friends or in a group, please give full names of all attending. An automated booking confirmation will be generated upon reservations. Be sure to register the Gaitomo domain e-mail address as safe ( , and disenable blocking of internet e-mail filters.

Instructions on how to register Gaitomo's e-mail domain:

i menu>option setting>e-mail receive setting (receive / block) >domain registration>enter the domain ( or register the e-mail address ( >enter your i-mode password>set>complete

Yahoo mobile menu>My softbank>original mail setting-/ specific mail settings>enter secret password number>junk mail settings>receive/ reject address setting>receiving e-mails(register as safe)>(specific setting) or (individual address addition)>choose(individual address addition) and enter the domain then select domain ( or ( >complete

E mail menu>E mail setting>other setting>mail filter>enter secret number>address filter>particular setting(list of safe addresses)>register>specific setting:-enter domain ( or (>complete


1. Under age drinking and smoking is illegal. Bringing and consuming alcohol from outside the party is banned. Individual photo ID is required to confirm identity.

2.Actively promoting, marketing or recruiting for business, illegal activities or religion, or competitor party event organisers recruiting party goers, will result in being banned from the party and immediately escorted out of the event.