New Gaitomo is new style of international party events!


Gaitomo parties do not allow persistent or annoying "nanpa" or hitting on women or guys, or persistently asking guests for contact details in the party. Also promotion or recruitment of network or multi-level marketing businesses, religion, event promotion, product or service sales or any activity connected with the purpose of selling something is prohibited under the participation rules of this event. Such activities are very annoying for party patrons not only during the event but also after it finishes. Once we have confirmation of a report of such an annoying activity from another patron, such a person will be warned of the possible legal action and ramifications of such conduct. So please be aware of this, and your cooperation is requested. If you see anyone violating these regulations, please inform us or contact us as follows below:

Your name 
ex, Gai Tomo
Your mobile number 
ex, 090-1234-5678
Your email address 
Name of offender
Contact address of offender
When did you meet the person
Name of venue
Please tell us the content of nuisances as finely as possible
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